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Snowshoe Trip 2018


Every year, the whole entire Post heads to Mt. Hood for one weekend.

This trip contains so much more than just snowshoeing! The Mazama Lodge is gracious enough to host over 175 students and advisors for one night and also feed us delicious food. The purpose of the trip is for students to have the ability to bond with all students in the Post because often times you only meet those students on the trips with you. The trip is filled with card games, drinking hot cocoa, meeting people and also outdoor activities! On the first day we built snow caves and learned about avalanches. After that, we retired to the lodge for dinner and also a viewing of the documentary titled “Meru,” which follows the journey of three men as they attempt to complete the first summit of the most difficult peak known. So good! The next morning we woke up and got ready to summit Mt. Multupor on our snowshoes! Perhaps the best part is that you get to eat lunch at the top with the company of all your new friends. Then, we participate in the snowshoe olympics! Some the races include running backwards (very difficult in snowshoes) and running attached to the partner! Enjoy the following pictures and videos which document all the fun times we had!

-Eliza Lawrence, Postee