Post 58 Advisors

The post relies on its wonderful group of advisors to make these trips possible! See below an alphabetically ordered list the group's bios.


Peter Green (Post 58 Director)

Peter has been teaching outdoor skills and leadership to teenagers for more than  40 years. He helped start the Post in 1993 along with a couple of other friends who worked together at Camp Nor’wester. His experience includes four years as Program Director at Nor’wester on Lopez Island, Washington and six years as a counselor there. Peter was the Coordinator of the NW Regional Outdoor School Program in 2004 and 2005. Peter served as Director of Outdoor Education at Catlin Gabel School for 11 years, helping it to become the largest program of its kind on the West Coast. From 1993 to 2003, Peter worked for Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber as the Governor’s Natural Resources Director and he served as Executive Director of the Kitzhaber Center at Lewis & Clark Law School in 2004. For eight years, Peter served as chairman of the state Outdoor Youth Program Advisory Committee. In addition, he worked as a guide leading climbing and hiking trips for Oregon Peak Adventures. Peter earned a B.A. in psychology and environmental studies from Williams College and an M.S. in ecology from the University of California–Davis. Peter and his wife Mary live in Portland where they spend their free time exploring the wilderness areas of the Northwest and traveling where they can.


Linnea Alexander




debbie bauer brockway

Debbie has been backpacking with kids since her children where born.  Leading backpacking excursions for the last 20years with children & teenagers into Wilderness areas has provided her with an appreciation for giving young adults space to grow and develop the love of the environment we have been given in the Pacific Northwest. Working to give young adults an appreciation for Leave No Trace  outdoor ethics is a trait she loves instilling in the young adults.  The love of the wilderness, nature, wildlife, is something she always try to communicate while working in the environment that we have the privilege to be in.  

She is Wilderness First Aid Certified:NOL and just recently completed an avalanche training course, and plans to take the Wilderness First Aid that is the week long course. She is a Hiking and Snowshoe Guide for both Mt. Hood Meadows and the Multnomah Athletic Club. "I sleep in a tent in the summer months more then I do in my own bed at home—I’m passionate about being in the outdoors and seeing as much as we can of the space that we are so privileged to have in our backyards—not for just the day, but for several days at a time without internet or cell service.  That’s when we are able to really relax and be able to let ourselves be one with nature.  Hope you can join me in my adventures!"


Tom Benton

Tom joined Explorer Post 58 at the beginning of its second year. He led many mountain climbs, caving trips, backpacking trips and conditioning hikes.  He participated in many spring break trips, ski trips and snow caving trips. In 1997 he broke a leg by hitting a tree while playing “George of the Jungle”. He stayed with the Post while recovering and during a Smith Rock trip he hiked on crutches all the way to Phoenix Buttress. In 2011, Tom moved to Colorado and now lives at 7,000’ in the Rocky Mountains where he climbs 14,000’ mountains when he gets a chance. He still went on several Spring Break trips after that and to City of Rocks this year.

Ana Berry

Ana was a student in the Post during high school which set her up for a lifetime of enjoying fried spam, loving the mountains, and being a pro nap-rock finder and huckleberry hunter. During college summers, she led kayaking trips in the San Juan Islands for Camp Nor'wester, and came back to work as an outdoor educator in the PNW after finishing school. But for a few stints of learning and teaching in Nepal, China, Malaysia and at the High Mountain Institute in Colorado, Ana has lived in Portland all her life. She's been with the Post as an advisor since 2012, and is currently back in school, studying nursing at OHSU.


STEve burton

Steve Burton started climbing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with his brother and a copy of Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills. They started out learning how to build toprope anchors and climbing single pitch routes on rock and ice and slowly built their way up to leading multi-pitch climbs. Steve moved to Portland 17 years ago and loves the challenge and adventure of mountaineering on the big mountains of the Northwest. Some of the highlights of his climbing career include summiting the Grand Teton with his wife on their honeymoon, trekking the Ptarmigan Traverse, climbing the West Ridge of Prusik Peak and the Kautz Glacier route on Mt. Rainier, and, as a lifelong skier, every ski mountaineering descent he's made. Steve has always enjoyed helping new climbers "learn the ropes" and has a special obsession with safety in all his climbing systems. Steve's favorite rants, in no particular order, are: nylon vs. spectra, alpine vs. tele, synthetic vs down, what constitutes a "ski descent," and when to use an Oxford comma (hint: always). Don't get him started. When Steve isn't in the outdoors or spending time with his family, he works as a web developer in downtown Portland.


Jacob Case

Jacob Case was born and raised in Beaverton, Oregon. He joined the Post when he was a sophomore in high school and was inspired  to do as many trips as he possibly could with the organization. The group gave him a lot of the skills necessary to pursue his own rock and mountain climbing in college and beyond.  He is currently a junior at Whitman college, and his current climbing goal is to climb the Nose of El Capitan.


evan chenoweth


Josiah Failing

Taylor Feldman

During her first month after moving to Portland in 2013, Taylor accidentally found the Post at the climbing gym. After she was invited to a single meeting, she was hooked on this energetic batch of teens, and has been incredibly involved ever since. Taylor has been a part of more than 30 mountain climbs in five countries, and specializes in backcountry cooking and getting dance parties started. She began her climbing career under the wing of friends, and then pursued a Year in Patagonia through NOLS; spending 150 consecutive days in the wilderness backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing, and sea kayaking. Taylor graduated from Evergreen State College with a degree in Environmental Studies and Photography, and now works as Outdoor Programs Coordinator and Lead Guide for the Mount St Helens Institute.


Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 8.36.14 AM.png

Charlie Grant

Charlie initially gained his appreciation for outdoor spaces from Post 58 as a student (and then student president), and has returned to Portland to spearhead the Post's outreach efforts and to cultivate relationships between the Post and partner organizations working with underserved youth. Charlie's interest in climbing and exploring the natural world has defined his career and hobbies. Before moving back to Portland, Charlie served as a lead field instructor for the Teton Science Schools in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he worked with students from all over the country, using Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks as his classroom to teach Environmental Ethics and Place Based Education. Before his time in Wyoming, Charlie worked for Emory University's Tibetan Studies Program in Dharamshala, India and at the St. Paul's School in Concord, New Hampshire. 


heidi grompe


mary green

Mary has been an advisor with the Post for 24 years.  She has been climbing for over 25 years, including trips to the Andes, Himalayas, Canada and New Zealand.  She has summitted Mt. Elbrus in the Caucusus, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and Pachermo (20,400') in Nepal.  Mary has reached the summit of 49 of the 50 state high points.  She was the first woman to summit all of the county high points in Oregon.  Mary works as a vocational rehabilitation therapist, helping people with serious head injuries get back to work.  In her free time she climbs and skis.  


Ari Herrick-Kunitz

Ari’s first exposure to the great outdoors was on a 26-day backpacking trip through Death Valley when she was in high school. It was such a transformative experience for her that she went on to work for her college’s outdoor recreation program where she first learned to climb. After moving to the Pacific Northwest, Ari transferred her climbing skills to the mountains and has thoroughly enjoyed exploring the Cascades. Ari has climbed around the world including Nepal, New Zealand, and Morocco and has met many of her closest friends through climbing. She became an advisor for the Post in 2015 and has loved connecting with the students. When she isn’t climbing, Ari works as a Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in functional medicine, sports medicine, and treatment of eating disorders. She is also working toward her diploma in mountain medicine through the Wilderness Medical Society.

Gordon Hickey


david holton.jpg

david holton

Forde Kay

Forde Kay was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, and has since lived in Ohio, New York City, Maui, and Wyoming, among many other places. The name of her game is:  Adventure. Forde’s passion is new experiences that strengthen connection, communication, and understanding of others. The Post is the perfect environment for just that, and Forde could not be happier for the opportunity to help young adults foster stronger relationships with one another, mentors, and the outdoors. When he's not leading trips, Forde works as a field guide for a wilderness therapy company out of Bend.

Forde Kay.jpeg


Karissa Lambert

Karissa moved to Portland more than two years ago and has been an advisor with the Post ever since. She has been rock climbing since 2011 and started mountaineering in 2015. Having lived in Washington most of her life, Karissa feels most at home in the granite peaks of the North Cascades. She fell in love with the views that climbing has to offer, as well as the inner strength we can all find by pushing ourselves further than we think we can. Karissa works full time as a nurse at a local hospital when she's not out exploring. She has done a wide variety of traveling and is always looking for exciting new ways to mix her love for the outdoors, adventures, nursing and traveling. She also has a new side-kick, a puppy named Otis, come try to teach him a new trick when you meet him!


jack lazar

Katie Lei

After growing up in Portland and finishing high school at St. Mary's Academy, Katie Lei moved to Walla Walla, Washington to attend Whitman College where she quickly fell in love with the Outdoor Program. She worked as a trip leader, rock climbing instructor, and climbing center manager and spent most of her weekends and breaks climbing up rocks or floating down rivers. Since then, she has worked on staff at Outdoor School in Oregon and Outward Bound in Colorado and pursued adventures all over the Western United States, including a 3-week trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and a 5-month hike on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013. Her most memorable climbing experience to date  was on a route called Epinephrine in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. Katie’s favorite piece of trad gear is a Black Diamond .75 cam, and her favorite book to recommend to anyone interested in climbing or philosophy is The Rock Warrior’s Way.



ben mahorney

carter and carter at smith.jpg

carter mcfarland

Haley Moak


Haley grew up on a ranch in Baker City, in rural Eastern Oregon, nestled between the Blue Mountains and the Wallowa Mountains. This allowed for lots of adventures hiking to high mountain lakes, camping, and hunting. She also spent a lot of her high school years skiing at Anthony Lakes and trail running in the foothills. She now spends her winters skiing on Mt. Hood and the rest of the year challenging herself to attempt new climbing routes. Some of her most memorable adventures include backpacking the Seven Devils in Idaho with her husband, trekking on the Inca trail in Peru with her sisters, finishing the 2017 Portland marathon, and numerous climbing trips to Smith Rock. She works as a Physician Assistant in family medicine and has a special interest in learning more about wilderness medicine. She loves to learn and help others to grow as well.

carter and carter at smith.jpg

carter nelson


michal orczyk

Michal was a student in Post 58 from 2005 to 2008, and has been climbing ever since. He is WFR certified and has undergone the Post's single pitch climbing and alpine skills training courses. He currently works as the Development Manager for the Cascade Forest Conservancy (, an organization dedicated to protecting and preserving Washington's South Cascades. Any of his friends can confirm that Michal has excellent taste in music, food and literature. His favorite memories from the Post include climbing Liberty Ridge on Mt. Rainier, speaking in a French accent for an entire week at Pinnacles National Park, climbing at Smith Rock in a bathrobe and wizard hat, and the many wonderful relationships he built with fellow students and advisors.


David o'Connor

Being a born and raised Portlander I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors, however grey and drizzly they may be.  I grew up on family camping trips along with adventures backpacking and hunting with my father and have enjoyed spending time in nature ever since.  I love that these journeys get me to remote parts of the state that I wish more people got to see…there’s so many backcountry gems.  I’ve always found the experience of being out in the wilderness or on a mountain top to be so empowering and yet profoundly humbling.  I was introduced to the Post during my time working with the Boy Scouts, and have now been an advisor for 3 really fun years.  I’d have to say that my favorite trips have been the long spring break and summer trips -- there’s just something about driving for days crammed into cars with your friends (or soon to be friends!) and then spending a week together.  All of the ridiculousness and shared experience that happens on those trips as a group just creates such a special environment and so many lasting memories. 

jake pallazi.jpg

jake palazzi


Debra Sankovitz

Deb grew up in Pennsylvania where the summer humidity and winter ice kept her nestled indoors.  That all changed when she moved to Colorado in her 20's and spent the next two decades exploring the great Rocky Mountains on foot and  by bike. Deb was thrilled when she landed in Portland and her daughters discovered the magic of the Post, and the contagious enthusiasm for mountaineering and outdoor leadership that ensued. Her girls have since moved on, but Deb hasn't. She can't seem to get enough of these intrepid teenagers. When she's not helping to lead Posties in hikes, climbs and snowshoe adventures, she works as a high school counselor and college admission coach.

Maya Seidel

Maya Seidel is a big fan of the outdoors. In her adult life, she spent two seasons working for the National Parks including a challenging and incredible summer working in one of Alaska's finest, Denali National Park, enjoying the park's wilderness and surroundings. This past summer she worked in Wyoming as a campground host at Grand Teton National Park. Maya loves to tell stories about all the wildlife she has seen and the views from summits and canyons she has hiked. She has been an occasional rock climber since she was in middle school and now looks forward to devoting more time to climbing through Post 58. When Maya is not frolicking in the forest she is most likely cooking a yummy meal with her family or seen partner dancing at blues night. Maya loves connecting to nature and the people who share her passion. She has aspirations of becoming a outdoor educator. Maya is very excited to to have joined the Post and is eager to connect with all of its members.



Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor is a Portland based climbing and mountaineering guide. He is an NWAC instructor and the Oregon regional ambassador. He serves as the Oregon Program Director and lead guide for a Seattle based guide service, Kaf Adventures. Over the course of his 16-year career, he has worked as an instructor, facilitator, and guide for numerous outdoor education companies and guide services across the United States. His deep love of wild places and a passion for teaching have been a driving force in his professional and personal pursuits. His early adventures were focused on primitive living and survival skills and long distance hiking. He has racked up more than 10,000 miles of trail-time, including thru-hikes of the AT, PCT, and many other trails. He is an EMT-B, WFR, LNT Master Educator, and has an AIARE level 2 certification. Additionally, he is continuing to pursue his AMGA certifications. When he’s not teaching or working, he enjoys trail running, mountaineering, cooking, ice climbing, reading, and travelling with his wife and daughter.

Scott Tucker

Scott grew up playing in the Cascade Mountains outside of Seattle, WA where he learned the fundamentals of mountaineering on Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Baker, and the peaks of the North Cascades. He discovered rock climbing along Icicle Creek, Leavenworth, and backpacking along the PCT.  These experiences, along with XC ski racing as a wintertime passion, launched a lifelong enthusiasm for exploration. The mountain ranges in the PNW are vast and Scott is able to continue peak bagging and wilderness travel with his children, forever finding new vistas and locations of pristine beauty. And now the discovery continues as Scott works with the youth of Post 58 to safely learn the thrill of mountain adventure. His greatest joy is seeing the students move on to lead their own adventures and become the future stewards of the high country.



ian wayne

An Explorer Post alum and former Post President, Ian Wayne lives in New York City, far from the action in the mountains. He began climbing at age 14 and since then adventures and objectives on rock and snow have led him across the US and beyond. He's enjoyed several stints as a dirtbag-spectrum climbing pilgrim, ticking routes and areas of his wish list, and suited up for more high brow adventures in Nepal, Mexico and Canada. Though the Big Apple still feels like home, he will always hear the call of the hills. 



David Williams


Sarah Wolf

Sarah Wolf was a student in the Post from 2004 to 2007 and has been involved with the post as an advisor ever since. She still climbs and travels with the close friends that she made during her time as a student and loves to see the kids build these long lasting friendships, confidence, and leadership skills as they take part in all that the Post has to offer. Sarah loves rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing, and generally anything that takes her into the mountains. When she's not with the Post, Sarah works as a ceramic artist.  


mike wilson


Jerrine Wong 

Jerrine is a recent Oregon transplant who will go outside, rain or shine. Typically, she is a slow and steady sport kind of person, but will move quickly at the promise of food or warmth. Surveying her belongings, half is comprised of outdoor gear and the other half of cooking equipment. Her primary activities in the outdoors are backpacking and climbing. She knows nothing about pop culture. She really likes clouds. She doesn’t stay home long enough to sprout plants from seed (☹) and has recently adopted a Roomba named Bart (😊). Jerrine doesn’t really like wearing pants, but thinks perhaps she should own some and is searching for the perfect pair with a sweatpants-feel and the formal aesthetic of slacks. In the photo, she is eating a friendship pie she backpacked in for her friends to enjoy.