Mount Hood - Cooper Spur


The most amazing part of Cooper spur was just being on the north side.

Hiking up through the forest was so different from jumping onto the snow right from the parking lot and climbing next to a lift line as is usually the case climbing from the south side. It felt like we were climbing Rainier or some north cascades peak, definitely a far different, beautiful look at Hood! Also, the climb was kinda tough and we were getting battered by the wind which was sweeping up the north side, but as soon as we popped up onto the summit it was the most beautiful day I’ve had on the summit of Hood (albeit out of two), and you could literally see the streaks of the wind coming up the north side flying right over our heads as we sat on the summit because the angle of the summit plateau is almost perpendicular to the slopes on the north side. One of the craziest natural phenomena I’ve ever seen. Definitely worth climbing Hood from the north side!