Canada 2017


Oh Canadaaa

The Post 58 Canada experience is like nothing else. With a weeks worth of food, our small group said goodbye to the civilized world and took flight into the rugged Selkirk mountain range in a tiny red helicopter with a grizzled Canadian pilot. As our helicopter swiftly gained altitude, I barely knew if what I was seeing was real because as we stared in awe out the window, rows upon rows of long, gnarled, snow capped mountains rose up all around us. Dark, blue lakes dotted their steep flanks and old, untouched green forests ran up their sides until they were stopped by steep granite or glassy, exposed glaciers. When we landed, it was like a trained falcon, darting in quickly and exacting to rest next to the most pristine glacial lake in this sea of dramatic peaks. Soon though, as we explored the nearby peaks, swam in the lakes icy waters, and trekked across snowfields to stare in awe at steep, rocky cliffs, this dramatic scenery became familiar. As the week went on, these places became, for the time being, our home. One evening, after a long day of scrambling up rocky peaks and basking in the sun, our group trekked over to a meadow filled with cushy grass and large granite blocks. Here, we played games until the sun set, rolling around in the soft meadow and enjoying the great, untouched expanse of mountainous beauty that lay all around us. Exploring Canada is like being the tiniest of spiders in a vast, flourishing garden, but it is in that vast garden with the great people there with you where an experience like no other is made, and a shining memory of the peaceful Selkirk mountains becomes impossible to forget. 

-Seb Franks, trip participant