Climbathon 2019

Our Most Important Fundraiser

Hello Postees, friends, and family-

The long awaited Climbathon is just a few weeks away! The Climbathon is the Post’s biggest fundraiser and with two chapters this year, the goal is set high. As you might know, annual dues pay for only about a third of the cost of running the Post.  We are very dependent on our other fundraising efforts to make the organization and its 70+ trips and 30 events run safely and smoothly each year.  

The Climbathon is very similar to a jogathon or run for the arts, although in this case students will be sponsored to climb walls at the Portland Rock Gym. Postees will ask their friends and family for pledges, either flat rate or per climb, and on Sunday, February 24, from 6pm to 9pm, all students will climb as many routes as possible in the time allotted. It is a very fun and lively event for the whole community to come and give back to the Post.

All the money raised will go directly toward lowering the cost of trips, buying accident insurance, training new advisers, liability insurance and gear for students to use. In order to raise all of this money, we are asking each student to raise at least $100- last year’s record of $760 is waiting to be broken! This event is essential in making our organization run, and any and all contributions are greatly appreciated by every Post advisor and student. Even if you have not been asked to sponsor a climber, we encourage you to donate in honor of the event.


(And remember that all donations are tax deductible!)